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iWoman TV is Not Just a Platform, It's a Movement

In a world that so often silences, marginalizes, and overlooks the voices and talents of women, I founded iWoman TV with a singular purpose in mind: to create a platform that not only celebrates but also empowers women in television, film, and beyond.

iWoman TV logo

As an Emmy and Telly award-winning journalist, producer, and actress, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges that women face in the media industry. Despite our undeniable talent, creativity, and drive, we continue to confront barriers that limit our potential and restrict our opportunities.

iWoman TV was born out of a deep and urgent need. It's more than just a platform; it's a movement, a rallying cry, a beacon of change. We are on a mission to dismantle the very structures that confine women, to break down the walls that have held us back for far too long.

Cathleen holding her Emmy
Cathleen holding her Emmy

Why is this mission necessary? Because when we address the disparities within television and film, we're not merely improving one industry; we're sending a message that echoes across all sectors. We're showing that talent knows no gender, creativity transcends boundaries, and opportunities must be available to everyone, regardless of who they are.

By fostering a space where diverse narratives are honored, where collaboration thrives, and where every story can be told without compromise, we are not only spotlighting female creators; we are paving the way for the next generation to step into a world free from the challenges we face today.

diverse women with their arms around each other

When we elevate women in media, we elevate society as a whole. We make room for innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, and transformative leadership. This work is not merely about entertainment; it's about advocacy, equality, and the belief that no voice should be unheard, no vision unseen, and no dream unattainable.

I often reflect on why iWoman TV is so vital, and the answer is clear: it's about building bridges where there were once walls, opening doors that were once closed, and ensuring that every woman's potential is fully realized.

The journey we have embarked on at iWoman TV is more significant than any one show, any one film, or any one creator. It's a collective movement towards a future where barriers are not just broken but obliterated.

Our mission won't stop until that future is realized. Together, we are not only creating waves of change; we are turning those waves into a relentless tide that will transform our industry and our world.

Cathleen Trigg-Jones, Founder, iWoman TV

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