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We Are the Joneses

Keeping up with world-renowned Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Jones and Emmy-winning journalist and actress Cathleen Trigg-Jones -- is no easy task as they juggle the demands of a bustling practice, a growing production company, two kids, and friends who count on them. This docuseries follows the inspirational work and private lives of the New York power couple, who run a multimillion-dollar cosmetic surgery practice, among other endeavors, while trying to carve out time together with their kids, Christian and Olivia. Each episode includes an emotional journey experienced by one of Michael's patients. Dr. Jones is noted as a pioneer in surgery for darker skin types, and his research has led to advancements such as a scar-free rhinoplasty procedure.


Chic Chat

Inspired by Emmy Award-winning journalist and producer, Cathleen  Trigg-Jones, Chic Chat, is a diverse show platform personalized for  women by women, focusing on the matters we cherish most; family,  lifestyle and trending topics, sprinkled with words of wisdom. From inspirational messages to tasty drink recipes, Chic Chat has  something for everyone. No story is the same; no woman is the  same. However, we can all connect, relate, and learn from the  experiences of one another.

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Street Politicians

Street Politicians is an undeviating video podcast focused on bringing listeners truths & thought-provoking discussions involving social & civil rights issues, politics, pop culture & current events. The podcast features activists, Tamika D. Mallory & Mysonne “The General.” Together, they underscore the importance of activism, knowing your rights & having a voice.

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iWoman Report

The iWoman Report with Cathleen Trigg-Jones is a Gold Telly Award-Winning weekly news/talk show featuring all the latest news, business, health, & entertainment, with a female focus. The half-hour show, executive produced & hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist, Cathleen Trigg-Jones, premiered in March 2020 in honor of International Women’s Month, as the signature news & entertainment program on the iWomanTV network. Each week, Trigg-Jones combines her 25-year of experience covering the news with her strong & personable interview skills to keep viewers informed, enlightened & entertained. 

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Who is Sheila S?

Not knowing where you came from can leave a dark hole in the hearts of those put up for closed adoption. But what if, one day, that door opens? Emmy award-winning Journalist, Cathleen Trigg-Jones directs & produces a powerful documentary based on her own heart wrenching journey to meet the birth family she’s never known.

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Hurrican Maria: Finding Light After Darkness

In 2018, the devastating Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico hard, leaving a trail of pure destruction. In this documentary, Cathleen Trigg-Jones and her family head down to PR to provide assistance where it was needed most. The film follows the family and their team as the help those affected by the hurricane to find light after darkness.


Women Behind the Wheel

Two women. One epic journey. Countless stories that deserve to be heard. Cat and Hannah undertake a road trip across Central Asia on a mission to uncover women's stories in a region miles from their own. But along the journey, they're forced to challenge the assumptions they set out with. 

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