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Coaching and Strategy for individuals and brands by Emmy award winning Journalist, Actress, Executive Producer, and Founder of iWoman TV, Cathleen Trigg-Jones

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Navigating the ins and outs of content strategy, marketing, and media while running a business is intimidating! As your coach, Cathleen uses her 30 years of experience in media and as a multi-media executive to help you propel your company toward success.

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You might recognize me from my days news anchoring in New York, or from my various acting roles across television and film. Now, I’m using my skills and experience to help others unlock their gifts. I will help you navigate through challenges, many of which I faced, to reach your fullest potential and be the best in your field. 

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Propel your company toward success with specialized coaching to reach your business goals.

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With her vibrant personality and exceptional speaking skills, Cathleen will connect with and engage your audience throughout your event.

An expert in her field, Cathleen’s background in the media landscape makes her the perfect addition to your production team.

Cathleen will show you the best way to deliver your message to your clients and provide any and all consulting expertise and assistance.

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"The difference between a dreamer
and a doer is action."


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