A connection to helping others…

All of her life, Cathleen has felt a connection to helping others. After being adopted at the age of two, she has worked hard to be able to do all she can for other people.

She founded Trigg House, a philanthropic organization designed to provide a positive and supportive environment to families in crisis, foster, and adopted children, including those recently emancipated from the foster care system.

The focus of Trigg House is on empowering women and children by creating opportunities for dynamic education, financial proficiency, job readiness, physical & mental health, and general wellness.Trigg House fosters individuals towards empowerment and self-sufficiency, nurturing future leaders of, and meaningful contributors to, our community.

Cathleen is always interested in doing all she can uplift her community and there is no stopping her.

For more information on Cathleen’s Philanthropic Endeavors click here: TheTriggHouse.ORG