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The Beyoncé Effect

Today, I want to celebrate the POWER of women and their IMPACT on the global economy. I'm thinking of remarkable women like Beyoncé, Barbie, and Taylor Swift, who have not only shattered barriers but have also cemented their mark in history.

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to experience Beyoncé in all her glory. And I mean experience! To witness the Renaissance World Tour is nothing short of amazing. It's a vibe; a movement. Three solid hours of Queen Bee's electrifying stage show at Washington D.C.'s FedExForum reminded me of the immense influence women like her wield in the entertainment industry.

In her nearly sold-out concert, showcasing the unwavering support of nearly 80,000 faithful fans braving pouring rain and severe weather alerts, Beyoncé propelled herself, with early estimates predicting her tour will surpass $1-billion.

But she's not alone. Both Barbie and Taylor Swift have also reached the billion-dollar mark at the box office, a testament to the power and significant contributions of women to the economy. This influence goes beyond entertainment; it's a reflection of the growing power of women across industries.

These achievements aren't just numbers; they signal a change in how the world sees women's capabilities. Women are stepping up, taking control, and challenging stereotypes. I think of Barbie's film director (Greta Gerwig), the first woman to helm a billion-dollar film, breaking gender barriers and inspiring countless others.

Ruth Handler, the founder of Barbie

Today, I honor Barbie's founder, Ruth Handler, and her pioneering spirit and vision. Her legacy is alive, as we witness women achieving greatness in all spheres of life. Gender should never limit one's potential.

The success of these box office hits goes beyond mere entertainment; it demonstrates the true spending power of women. iWoman TV was founded to cater to the global call from women who demand more and deserve more in entertainment and news. Women are a global superpower, and our economic influence is significant.

The impact of these blockbuster hits transcends ticket sales. Restaurant reservations, clothing sales, hair salons, hotels, weave and wig sales, and more have all seen an increase as more women spend money to enhance their entertainment experiences. This showcases the ripple effect of women's economic empowerment.

As I continue to witness the rise of powerful women like Beyoncé, Barbie, and Taylor Swift, I'm inspired, knowing together we can embrace the idea that women can, and will, change the world, one billion-dollar achievement at a time. We hold the power to effect true change.

As Beyoncé passionately expressed in her stage performance, "Those who control the media control the world." I would add: "Those who control the purse strings control the narrative." These female celebrities have proven that women can excel both on and off stage while breaking down racial and gender barriers and challenging stereotypes, all while embracing their own unique style of sexiness, intelligence, and entertainment.

Most importantly, they have shown me that I, as a woman, am more than enough!

Ladies, we are enough!

Let's celebrate these achievements and continue to support one another in our journey towards greater empowerment and equality.

Keep watching iWoman TV for more empowering stories and news. Together, we stand with strength and solidarity.

Cathleen Trigg-Jones, Founder & CEO of iWoman TV

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